Keynote Speaker


Jon Kleinberg

Keynote Title: Monoculture and Simplicity in Algorithmic Decision-Making

Paper Associated: J. Kleinberg, M. Raghavan. Algorithmic Monoculture and Social Welfare. Proc. National Academy of Sciences, 118(22), 1 June 2021.

Abstract: As algorithms are deployed to make sensitive decisions about people, recent work has focused on several challenges that can result. Concerns have been raised about the effects of algorithmic monoculture, in which multiple decision-makers all rely on the same algorithm. In a set of models drawing on minimal assumptions, we show that when competing decision-makers converge on the use of the same algorithm as part of a decision pipeline, the result can potentially be harmful for social welfare even when the algorithm is more accurate than any decision-maker acting on their own. We also consider some of the canonical ways in which data is simplified over the course of these decision-making pipelines, showing how this process of simplification can introduce effects that connect to principles from the psychology of stereotype formation. (This talk will be based on joint work with Manish Raghavan and Sendhil Mullainathan.

Bio: Jon Kleinberg is the Tisch University Professor in Department of Computer Science & Department of Information Science at Cornell University. More information about Jon Kleinberg could be found from his website: